World Junior Championships - Day 6 - Junior Women

Standings at end of Round Robin Junior Women Draw 9

1.CANADA 8-1 (Playoff 1 v 2)
2.SWEDEN 7-2 (Playoff 1 v 2)
3.USA 6-3 (Playoff 3 v 4)
4.SWITZERLAND 6-3 (Playoff 3 v 4)
5. RUSSIA 5-4 (qualified for WJCC 2011)
6. FRANCE 3-6 (qualified for WJCC 2011)
7. CHINA 3-6
8. CZECH REPUBLIC 3-6 (qualified for WJCC 2011)
9. GERMANY 2-7 (Has to play European Junior Curling Challenge for WJCC 2011)
10. SCOTLAND 2-7 (qualifies as host nation for WJCC 2011)

Draw w9:
usa-rus 6-5, sco-swe 2-6, sui-can 8-6, ger-cze 8-10, fra-chn 6-5

Flims, Switzerland – 11 March 2010: Canada, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA junior women’s teams are through to the playoffs of the World Junior Curling Championships set for Friday evening.

In an eventful final round robin draw, Russian Skip Anna Sidorova came up short with her last draw and handed the USA a steal of one and the point they needed to win the game 6-5 and a place in the playoffs.

Switzerland and Canada had a tight game. But the Swiss managed to break the Canadian’s unbeaten run. At the end of the ninth end Manuela Siegrist’s Swiss side led by 7-6. But Rachel Homan’s last stone narrowly wrecked on a guard and the Swiss stole a point to win 8-6.

Sweden ran the Scots out of stones in the tenth end to win 6-2. Although Scotland finishes up at the bottom of the standings, as host nation of the 2011 World Junior Curling Championships, the Scots have a guaranteed place for their junior men’s and women’s teams.

The game between Germany and the Czech Republic was close. They were tied 8-8 at the end of the ninth end. German fourth Martina Linder left her final shot in the open for Czech skip Anna Kubeskova to make a simple takeout to win 10-8. The win secured the Czech Republic a spot at next year’s World Juniors. Germany will have to play the European Junior Curling Challenge to have a chance of making it to the 2011 Championships.

The French team’s 6-5 win against China meant that France also qualifies for the next world junior event.

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