World Curling Freytag Award 2011

The family of the late Ray Kingsmith has received the 2011 World Curling Freytag Award at a special ceremony which took place during the opening banquet of the 2011 Ford World Men’s Curling Championship in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Ray Kingsmith's family accept Freytag Award from WCF President Kate Caithness. Photo: CCA/Michael Burns Photography

The award was presented by World Curling Federation President Kate Caithness to Kingsmith’s children, Marlene, Doug, Joan and Don.

Ray Kingsmith from Calgary in Canada was a former president of the Canadian Curling Association (1984). He died in May 1988 at the age of 60. The award was made posthumously in recognition of his life-long commitment to the sport of curling and particularly the work he did in establishing curling as a demonstration sport at the Olympic Winter Games in Calgary in 1988.

Speaking about Kingsmith, President Caithness said: “regrettably Ray Kingsmith is no longer with us, but he certainly was an individual who exemplified the complete volunteer giving his time unselfishly. Ray was a man who was involved in every conceivable aspect of administration and management and was a consummate sport executive. He is incredibly deserving of this award as a great ‘builder’ of our sport.”

“We are all so grateful to be here to honour our dad’s curling legacy,” said Ray Kingsmith’s daughter Joan on receiving the award. His other daughter Marlene read out a special poem she had written in tribute to her father’s commitment to curling.

The World Curling Freytag Award is a tribute to the late Elmer Freytag of the US Curling Association, one of the founding members of the International Curling Federation (now World Curling Federation). It honours curlers for world-championship-level playing ability, sportsmanship, character and the achievement of extraordinary distinction; and/or builders, individuals who are honoured for distinguished service and major contributions to the development and advancement of international curling.

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