Norway, Finland secure third wins after day two

  • Norway's Wilhem Naess celebrates their win against Canada © WCF / Jeffrey Au

Round-robin play from the second day at the Winn Rentals World Mixed Curling Championship 2018 wrapped up in the evening session for groups B and D.

Group B

Finland lead group B with three straight wins and no losses. They pulled out a victory after a back and forth battle against Australia in the evening session, winning 9-6.

Behind Finland are Russia who succeeded in both of their games so far, then Australia, Denmark and Switzerland follow with two wins and one loss.

Switzerland won their evening match against Brazil with scores of three points in the third and fifth ends to round out a 9-4 final.

After the game, Switzerland skip Mario Freiberger [pictured above], said, “It went better than the other ones. I think we’re getting better and better after a bad start yesterday – sitting at two and one is quite good. We’re still struggling with draw weight a bit, but if we start to put the broom in the right spot and hit the broom we will see.

“We have lots of fun on the ice and off the ice too. The weather is great, we know Canada weather can be quite different also! It’s a cool event they’ve made here so far and I’m pretty sure they will keep it up like that!”

Completing the group are United States with one win and two losses while Ireland, Netherlands and Brazil remain winless.

Group D

In group D action, Norway pulled off a two-win day to top the group after their games against Canada and Japan. The Norwegians drew for one point to beat Canada 5-4 in the morning then beat Japan 14-3, with a six-ender in the fifth end.

Coming off the ice against Canada, Norway skip, Ingvild Skaga said, “I think we had good weight and line and good team efforts. I think we knew that we could have beaten Canada if we played our best game, so we didn’t think too much about it. It gives us a lot of confidence, it’s great beating Canada. We are the assumed top two teams in the group, so it’s a good win to have.”

Slovakia are also off to a good start after their second win of the championship, this time against Hungary 6-5.

Slovakia skip, Daniela Matulova commented on their performances thus far, “compared to yesterday it wasn’t as good. But we are glad that it went that way. They made mistakes, we made mistakes, but we made less mistakes.

“The people here are really nice and helpful. We’ve played in many championships and this is quite good. We will see, we have four or five matches so far, so it is long. We didn’t expect to win against Japan yesterday so against Hungary today we thought we would have a chance.”

Hosts, Canada, lost their only game of the day against Norway, putting them at two wins and one loss.

With the loss, Japan drop to two losses and a single win alongside Slovenia, while Austria and New Zealand are still in search of their first win.

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Photos © WCF / Jeffrey Au