Turkey join play-off race in Kelowna

  • Bilal Omer Cakir of Turkey joins play-off teams with win against England © WCF / Jeffrey Au

Session 20 at the Winn Rentals World Mixed Curling Championship found Turkey qualifying for play-offs in group A alongside previously qualified Scotland. Turkey beat England 8-5 in the final session of day five action to secure their spot.

Group A

With Scotland first to qualify in the championship, Turkey were close behind after their dramatic come-back win against England to qualify. In the eighth end, facing four counter stones, England had a draw to secure the win, but came up light – giving Turkey a steal of four points and a victory.

After the win, Bilal Omer Cakir, vice-skip of Turkey said, “we are very happy! Now we are okay for the group, we are qualified. With the Scotland match tomorrow, maybe we will make first [in group A]. We were very lucky on the last stone [England came up light] maybe if he would have made it we would have lost, but we are very happy.”

In the morning session, Germany faced Italy where they won 6-4, but then lost to Scotland in the evening session 6-1. Now third place in the group, with five wins and two losses, Andrea Schoepp [pictured above], vice-skip of Germany, shared her thoughts after the morning win.

“We started a bit shaky because we were really disappointed after yesterday evening’s pick [against England]. I think we were a bit lucky in the second end to get one instead of a steal of two, and then I missed the draw for three. It’s still not the best that we can play here, we have to play better than this if we want to have a little chance.”

Belarus are currently with three wins and three losses, while England are behind with three wins and four losses.

Hong Kong lost their game against Turkey 4-7 and now sit with two wins and four losses.

Italy and Wales are level with two wins, five losses and Kazakhstan remain at the bottom of the group with zero wins.

Group C

Czech Republic are the first to qualify in group C, and did so in their morning game against Chinese Taipei 7-4 before dropping their first game of the championship 3-6 to Spain in the evening.

Lukas Klima, Czech Republic skip, was relieved after the morning win. “I would love to say that [knowing the win would qualify them for play-offs] didn’t affect us at all. But, we were kind of nervous at the beginning and missed a couple of shots that we were not missing in previous games, so probably it did affect us in a bad way. But we won, so that’s what matters. We scored a nice four and that was probably the game.”

The win against the Czechs, on the other hand, for Spain meant they were one step closer to their goal of qualifying.

Sergio Vez [pictured above], skip of Spain, was delighted after winning their match 6-3 over Czech Republic. “We still don’t believe it. It was a really close game, there were lots of ups and downs. We were three up without hammer in the last end, and we missed on our vice rocks so they had some chances. But they missed again, so it was a really up and down game. We are really happy, we are getting closer to the play-offs. We just need one more win.”

Battling for third place in the group are France, Sweden and Chinese Taipei who are at a deadlock with four wins, three losses. France lost their evening session to Estonia 6-9 while Chinese Taipei beat Croatia 8-5 and Sweden had the session off.

Latvia and Estonia each have three wins, Poland has one and Croatia are yet to win a match.
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Photos © WCF / Jeffrey Au