USA secure play-off place after double extra-end win; Russia and Sweden stay undefeated

  • USA progress to the play-offs Photo © WCF / Alina Pavlyuchik

The final day of the round-robin stage at the World Mixed Curling Championship 2017 got underway in Champéry, Switzerland this morning (Thursday 12 October) and saw USA claim the final guaranteed play-off place from Group B while Russia and Sweden went undefeated throughout the round-robin stage.

In the opening session, USA went all the way to the final stone of a double-extra end to defeat Latvia 7-6 and claim the final guaranteed play-off place from Group B. With the lead changing hands several times throughout the game, it was levelled up in the eighth end by Latvia at 6-6 to take it into an extra-end.

In that extra-end USA attempted a hit and stay with their final stone but were marginally wide and were unable to keep their own stone in the house, blanking the end. In the second extra-end USA were faced with the same scenario, but this time after clearing the Latvian stone were able to keep their final stone in the house to score the single point for the win and place in the play-off stage.

Sweden defeated China 3-1 to complete their round-robin stage undefeated while Korea remained undefeated in their group after a 3-1 win over New Zealand.

Scotland defeated Kazakhstan 8-1 and in the session’s final game, Spain defeated Denmark 6-4 to set up a showdown with Ireland later tonight in a game where the winner will secure the final play-off place from Group C.

In the day’s second session, Russia completed their round-robin undefeated with an 11-3 win over Japan.

England defeated Netherlands 7-4 to win their third game of the week; Wales defeated Slovenia 7-3 and in the final game of the session Turkey beat Australia 9-5.

They said it

Grant Hardie; Scotland skip (after 8-1 win over Kazakhstan): "We’ve not been at our best yet. We’ve got another gear we can still go up into which is good going into the play-offs. Part one is done now so we’re just looking forward to see who we play next. You’ve got to put together a some really good games and you can’t afford any more losses. It’s quite exciting I suppose but we’ll see who we get and take it from there."

Hunter Clawson; USA skip (after 7-6 double extra-end win over Latvia): "That was actually the best curling game we’ve played all week, and they played really well too. We had good strategy, good execution, but there’s a lot we can still improve on. For me it was the most comfortable curling game we’ve played. After this game, I’m feeling way more confident. It’s really nice to be playing well and having it all together. If we can just improve a few more things I’m pretty confident of our chances."

Mariia Ermeichuk; Russia vice-skip (after 11-3 win over Japan): "We had goal to get the play-offs. We tried to do our best during the round-robin and I think we did that. We got better each game and now we’re ready for the play-offs. All these games were very good experiences for us and we’re prepared for the more difficult games coming in the play-offs."

RESULTS Session 23

Scotland 8-1 Kazakhstan; Korea 3-1 New Zealand; USA 7-6 Latvia; Sweden 3-1 China; Denmark 4-6 Spain.

RESULTS Session 24

Australia 5-9 Turkey; England 7-4 Netherlands; Slovenia 3-7 Wales; Russia 11-3 Japan.

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