Canada, Czech Republic, Norway and Scotland make the final four

  • Czech Republic win to make it to the final four Photo © WCF / Alina Pavlyuchik

The Quarter-final games of the World Mixed Curling Championship 2017 were played this evening (Friday 13 October) and saw Canada, Czech Republic, Norway and Scotland become the final four remaining in the competition.

In the first live broadcast game of the championship Canada faced Russia, both teams undefeated prior to meeting. Canada would go on to defeat Russia 9-1 after only six ends.

After the first end was blanked by Canada, they began to assert pressure scoring three points in the second end, before forcing back-to-back steals of two points in both the third and fourth ends. With a dominant 7-0 lead at the break Canada changed their playing style and began peeling Russian stones. Russia would score a single point in the fifth end before Canada responded with a final two points for the win.

In the second quarter-final game Norway defeated Turkey 6-0. Norway spent the first half of the game peeling Turkish stones forcing them to either accept the single point or blank the end. At the fourth end break the scores remained level at 0-0. After the break Norway changed up their approach, and applied pressure to Turkey forcing a steal of three points in both the fifth and seventh ends for the win.

The third quarter-final game saw Scotland defeat Sweden 7-4. Scotland were aggressive from the start opening the scoring with two points in the first end and forcing Sweden to play difficult shot after difficult shot. Scotland scored another two points in the third end before a slightly heavy final Scottish stone in the fourth end gave Sweden the opportunity to score two points of their own.

The teams traded single points over the next two ends then Scotland scored a further two points in the seventh end, before running Sweden out of stones in the eighth end.

The last quarter-final game saw Czech Republic defeat Estonia 7-4 after an extra end. With the scores level at 4-4 going into the extra-end Czech Republic filled the house with stones to sit five counters with Estonia holding the hammer. Estonia skip, Andres Jakobson was unable to find the button with his final stone, giving up a steal of three points and Czech Republic the win.

Tomorrow morning (Saturday 14 October) will see the semi-final games begin at 09:00 CET with the game between Scotland v Czech Republic being broadcast live on World Curling TV ( followed by a live broadcast of the gold medal game at 14:00 CET.

They said it

Grant Hardie; Scotland skip (after 7-4 win over Sweden): "We played an absolutely brilliant game there. As I said before the game, we had to make every shot just to beat them, because they’ve been on fire this week. We’re delighted that we were able to make just about everything out there and get the win. We made a lot of key shots to keep the pressure on them. They’re a good team so you’re always going to come under pressure against them and thankfully we were able to respond."

Trevor Bonot; Canada skip (after 9-1 win over Russia): "Honestly we aren’t usually overly aggressive but we are comfortable that way and we know we can make the shots. So, we just went with it. We love to hit too, so once we got that nice comfortable lead, they’re such a great team, we didn’t want to take anything for granted, so we wanted as few rocks out there as possible. That was our best game of the week. We really liked the ice tonight and we finally got the pep in our step that we’ve been waiting to get."

Ingvild Skaga; Norway skip (after 6-0 win over Turkey): "We took what we were given out there at the beginning really. They were just hitting, hitting, so we thought, let’s just do that. Then we got the chance in the fifth end, then we got another chance in the seventh end. Not a lot of points. I’m really excited [on the chance of a medal tomorrow], our first goal was to make the play-offs, all of this is just a bonus."

Jaroslav Vedral; Czech Republic skip (after 7-4 extra-end win over Estonia): "It was a really tough game. I think that was our worst game in the tournament. We are really happy with the result but on another day I think we would have lost. We had big problems with draw weights and guards today. Getting a chance to play for a medal is fantastic. It is our dream, but first we have to be focused on our next game."

RESULTS Quarter-finals

Czech Republic 7-4 Estonia; Scotland 7-4 Sweden; Turkey 0-6 Norway; Russia 1-9 Canada.

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