Germany top group despite Finland loss

  • Andy Kapp and his team win Group B WCF / Céline Stucki

Germany have topped Group B at the World Curling Championship 2015, despite missing out on their final game. They lost to Finland 5-4 during session 23.

Germany took an early lead after stealing a point in the second end and then strengthened their lead to 4-2 after the sixth end. However, Finland took two points in the seventh end and then stole a point in the eighth to win the game.

Germany’s skip Andy Kapp, for whom this is his 17th World Championship (14 World Men’s, 2 World Juniors, 1 World Mixed) was pleased with the outcome. He said: “I was disappointed losing the last three rocks, but Finland really played well and we hoped that Canada would win. Now we are top and have qualified directly for the quarter-finals and that’s what we wanted.”

Canada’s 7-4 win over Norway meant that Germany topped the group. Norway came second and Canada were third. This means Norway and Canada now go into tomorrow’s quarter-final qualification games.

USA also secured their place at the top of Group D, beating Brazil 7-2 in seven ends, and qualify directly for the quarter-finals. This leaves Scotland and Hungary playing the qualification round tomorrow.

During session 23, there were also wins for Australia, who beat Israel 13-6; Scotland who defeated Austria 6-3 and Latvia who, in six ends, won against Wales 8-1.