Hungary and Scotland continue winning streak

  • Hungary continue to go unbeaten in Berne WCF / Céline Stucki

Group D’s leaders Hungary and Scotland have added victories to each of their winning streaks at the World Mixed Curling Championship 2015, in Berne, Switzerland.

Hungary, when they had the hammer won some impressive ends, scoring four points in the third and then three points in the seventh, which ultimately led them to their 10-5 victory over Japan.

Hungarian skip, Gyorgy Nagy, put his team’s win down to their preparation and concentration. He said: “We were very focussed for this game because Japan have very good players. We were prepared and played well.

“It is a good feeling not to lose any games, that’s why we are enjoying ourselves. We know that some harder games are coming up in the next few days. We must keep focussed to win again.”

Scotland stole single points in the second and fifth ends and secured four in the seventh, and last end, to win their game against Turkey. The final score on sheet C was 9-2.

Also in seven ends, Austria defeated Belarus 7-2 and Estonia beat Brazil 7-3.

The final game of session 15 was won by Wales, who defeated Finland, 8-6, by stealing two points in an extra end.