Slovenia close day three with Mixed curling win

  • Slovenia on the ice against Kazakhstan WCF / Céline Stucki

There was a great deal of attention on sheet B at the Curling Bahn Allmend in Berne, Switzerland this evening as Kazakhstan and Slovenia went head-to-head both looking for their first win at the World Mixed Curling Championship 2015.

The tie was close throughout as the two teams took equal points with the hammer, up to the seventh end. At that stage it was 5-5 with an end to play. Slovenia’s skip Lan Zagar, who had the hammer to his advantage, simply drew the last stone into the house to take the win for Slovenia, 6-5.

Equally, England and China were close throughout their game. At the fourth end break it was 2-2, but in the end China claimed the win, 4-3.

Hungary and Switzerland continue to go undefeated as the halfway stage of the round robin is reached. Hungary beat Turkey, 7-4, this evening, while Switzerland defeated Poland, 6-4.

Belarus beat Brazil, 11-0, in six ends and with one of the biggest points margins of the day and Russia won against Czech Republic, 7-5.