Team Scotland use friendship for a winning formula

  • Team Scotland celebrate on the ice. Copyright WCF/Richard Gray

If you ask Team Scotland, they’ll tell you the secret to their success is actually quite simple – they’re friends!

They officially began their quest for a world title at the 361º World Men’s Curling Championship 2018 just this season. But, their friendship began years before. It’s a theme they love to reiterate – theirs is a team built on good friendship. This is something which they believe contributes to their success on the ice.

The team, newcomers to the 361º World Men’s Curling Championship, are already qualified for the weekend’s play-offs with three games remaining in the round robin.

“We’ve clicked so well as a four,” said lead Hammy McMillan. “We are so close-knit.”

McMillan is a cousin to third Grant Hardie. Hardie, in turn, shares a flat with second Bobby Lammie.

Being together at a World Curling Championship for the first time is the icing on the cake for the athletes who have worked diligently in juniors, mixed doubles and on tour to gain the experience to win at this level.

“We all want the same thing,” said Lammie. “We work hard for it.”

It’s a deep understanding of one another that allows them to react to their combined strengths and weaknesses.

“We’ve been able to understand what each person needs from the team and been able to have those personal conversations with each other,” said skip Bruce Mouat.

Their friendship allows them to work hard and play hard. They have thoroughly enjoyed their time in Vegas — they took a trip to the Hoover Dam before the competition started and rented Camaros to drive down the Las Vegas strip. Make no mistake, though, they’re here to accomplish their goals.

When asked what he liked most about curling McMillan said, “the camaraderie, the fun, the social side, and also,” he paused, “winning.”

That was a goal they set at the beginning of the season when they decided it would be the four of them on a team this year. “We all had really good conversations with each other at the start of the season with what we wanted to achieve,” said Mouat. “I think we achieved that.”

Tomorrow is the last day of the round robin and the Scots have already qualified for the play-offs, along with Sweden and Canada. Sweden is the only team they’ve lost to so far, beating Canadian skip Brad Gushue with a score of 8-7 on the first day of the competition.

“When you get to play against some of the best, like Niklas Edin and Brad Gushue — that’s what you want to do in the game, that’s where you want to be,” said third Grant Hardie.

But, the Scots stop short of allowing themselves to talk about possibly winning it all.

“There’s quite a lot of pressure,” Lammie said, “but I think we’re just enjoying it at the moment.”

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Written by Jolene Latimer