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WMCC 2013 Gallery: Day 6

All photos (c) WCF/CCA/Michael Burns

Russia second Alexey Tselousov,swings his stone in his backswing during Russia's draw 15 match against U.S.A.
Norway skip Thomas Ulsrud,lead H.V.Petersson,second C.Svae.
Denmark skip Rasmus Stjerne,third Johnny Frederiksen.second Mikkel Adrup Poulsen.
Denmark third Johnny Frederiksen.Canada lead E.J.Harden.
Denmark skip Rasmus Stjerne.
Norway skip Thomas Ulsrud.
Finland skip Aku Kauste.
Scotland skip David Murdoch,Finland skip Aku Kauste.
Canada ,lead Ryan Harnden,second E.J.Harnden.
Sweden,skip Niklas Edin,third S.Kraupp,second F.Lindberg,lead V.Kjall.
Sweden skip Niklas Edin,lead Vikktor Kjall,second Fredrik Lindberg,Canada skip Brad jacobs.
Switzerland skip Sven Michel.
Finland Jani Sullanmaa.
Scotland skip David Murdoch,raises his leg after delivering his stone during his 10-9 lost to Finland.
Canada skip Brad Jacobs,lead Ryan Harnden,second E.J.Harnden.
Scotland third Tom Brewster,lead Michael Goodfellow.
U.S.A. lead Phillip Tilker, Greg Persinger.
Denmark skip Rasmus Stjerne. Sweden Viktor Kjall.
Denmark third Johnny Frederiksen,second Mikkel Adrup Poulsen.
Japan third Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi,lead Kosuke Morozumi.
Scotland second Scott Andrews,lead Michael Goodfellow.
China lead J.Zang,second D.Ba.
China skip Rui Liu.
Sweden skip Niklas Edin.
Denmark skip Rasmus Stjerne,Sweden lead Viktor Kjall,second Fredrik Lindberg.
Scotland skip David Murdoch,China skip Rui Liu.
U.S.A. skip Brady Clark.third Sean Beighton,second Greg Persinger,lead Phillip Tilker.
Norway skip Thomas Ulsrud,third Thomas Lovold.lead H.V.Petersson,second C.Svae.
Sweden skip Niklas Edin,lead Vikktor Kjall,second Fredrik Lindberg.

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