Play-off race heating up in World Junior men’s championship

  • Germany's Sixten Totzek and Joshua Sutor © WCF / Richard Gray

In a session of play that included two games going to an extra end, Scotland defeated United States by 6-5 – with a draw to the four-foot ring by skip Ross Whyte with the very last stone of the game – to carve out their sixth win and stay undefeated at the top-of-the-table.

Canada beat Norway by 8-7 with a last-stone draw by skip Tyler Tardi in the other game that went beyond the ten regulation ends, while Switzerland had a 7-4 win over China. These results mean that Canada, Switzerland and United States are in a three-way tie for second place, but on four wins, two less than the Scots. Germany beat Russia in this session for their third win of the week, when Russia’s skip Aleksandr Bystrov came up short with his final draw, a result that keeps them in the play-off hunt.

Korea beat Sweden by 9-7 for their second win so far, and they are tied with China, Korea and Norway in sixth place. All of these sixth-placed teams still have an arithmetic chance of qualifying for the play-offs, but Russia now in tenth place, on just one win, look to be out of the play-off race.

Next live men’s game on World Curling TV: Switzerland v Scotland on Wednesday 7 March at 14:00 (Greenwich Mean Time)

They said it

Klaudius Harsch; skip, Germany (after 3-2 win over Russia): “We're very happy with the win, but it’s always kind of a mixed feeling when you win on a miss from the opponent, especially if it’s a shot that he’s expected to make. It’s Germany’s first time at the A World’s since 2009, so our goal was to get four wins to get to go to Canada next year. We really want to win against Sweden because then we are almost guaranteed to go to Canada.”

Tyler Tardi; skip, Canada (after 8-7 extra end win over Norway): “I’m not really feeling much pressure to be honest and a lot of that comes from the experience of playing on the tour this year. We’ve played against some of the bigger names in Canada, and that definitely helps. We only really felt pressure in the first game with the weight of the Maple Leaf on our back, but ever since then it’s been easing off.”

Ross Whyte; skip, Scotland (after 6-5 extra end win over United States): “We’re over the moon! The boys set it up really well for me in the extra end and managed to sweep my stone into the heart of the four-foot, so I’m really pleased right now. We managed to up our game and get a few forces and steals, and that really helped a lot. The boys played really good, but Andrew and his team played really well as well. It was really good ice again, can’t fault it.”

Men's session six results: Norway 7-8 Canada; Korea 9-7 Sweden; Russia 2-3 Germany; United States 5-6 Scotland; China 4-7 Switzerland

Standings after men’s session six (win-loss):

Scotland 6-0
Canada 4-2
Switzerland 4-2
United States 4-2
Germany 3-3
China 2-4
Korea 2-4
Norway 2-4
Sweden 2-4
Russia 1-5

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