Scotland and United States men lead the standings and remain unbeaten

  • Scotland and Canada remain undefeated Photo © WCF / Emile Gareev

Both Scotland and United States had an unbeaten day in Sunday's two sessions of men's round-robin play at the World Junior Curling Championships 2018 to stand together unbeaten at the top of the rankings, on three wins and no losses.

Meanwhile China and Germany recorded their first wins so far in the evening session.

Scotland battled to a 6-5 win over Canada in the evening third session to follow up their morning 7-2 victory over Germany. One of the highlights of the Scots' day was a score of three points in the second end of their game against Canada, which helped set them up for their win.

United States found themselves 4-1 up at the break in their evening game against Korea on the way to a 6-3 win, after beating China by 7-1 in the morning's session.

Following their morning losses, China bounced back with a 7-4 win over Russia while Germany beat Norway by 9-5.

Canada and Sweden now share third place on the rankings, each on two wins and one loss. Canada had beaten the Swedes by 7-3 in the second session before losing to Scotland in the third session, while Sweden beat Switzerland by 9-5 in the third session after their Canadian loss.

Five teams are now on one win and two losses. As well as China and Germany, these include Korea, who had two losses on Sunday, going down by 8-9 to Russia in their morning game, despite scoring four in the second end, then losing by 3-6 to United States in their evening match-up.

The remaining teams in fifth place are Russia and Switzerland, who beat Norway by 8-5 in the second session before going down to Sweden later.

These results leave Norway alone as the only men's team yet to record a win.

They said it

Jan Hess; skip, Switzerland (after 8-5 win over Norway): "It's pretty good to win our first game here at the World Junior. We had a tough first game against Canada and now winning this really tough game, it feels pretty good. The last end was a bit crazy. We started it well, we thought we were in a good position and started to lose it a bit and in the end we had to do an all or nothing shot and it paid off!"

Konstantin Manasevich; lead, Russia (after 9-8 win over Korea): "That was a tight game. We had a plan but there were some mistakes in the second end and their four put us in big trouble. But there were some more mistakes from us and some mistakes from the Koreans. We felt he could make it to win the game with his last draw (in the tenth) and we were ready to lose and ready to win. We had done what we could and had done our best."

Klaudius Harsch; skip, Germany (After 9-5 win over Norway): "The third end was the first end we really dominated, because [Norwegian skip Magnus Ramsfjell] was drawing the button against two, and we forced a miss out of him. We want to up our game a little bit, and we've seen some progress. The first game was terrible, and the second game was well played, but Scotland was too strong. This third game we got a win, and hopefully we'll get many more. Before that game we only saw losing, but now we know we can win here. Just having that confidence, we can now move on knowing how to win."

Daniel Magnusson; skip, Sweden (After 9-5 win over Switzerland): "This game we had much better control of the ice, so it felt pretty good. Our team is getting closer and closer together, and I think that's an important part of the game. The way we communicate with each other is constantly improving, so that helps."
Men session three results: Norway 5-9 Germany; Sweden 9-5 Switzerland; China 7-4 Russia; Scotland 6-5 Canada; Korea 3-6 United States.

Men session two results: Korea 8-9 Russia; China 1-7 United States; Canada 7-3 Sweden; Switzerland 8-5 Norway; Germany 2-7 Scotland.

Men standings after three sessions (win-loss):

Scotland 3-0
United States 3-0
Canada 2-1
Sweden 2-1
China 1-2
Germany 1-2
Korea 1-2
Russia 1-2
Switzerland 1-2
Norway 0-3
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