Canada complete round-robin stage undefeated

  • Canada finish out round-robin stage undefeated Photo © WCF / Richard Gray

Unbeaten leaders Canada, USA and Korea all won their final games in Friday afternoon's women's round-robin session to now go on to the weekend Page Play-off section of these Championships, with Canada facing USA in the Page 1 v 2 game.

Korea finished third overall but their Page opponents will only be decided after a tie-breaker for fourth place on Saturday morning between Hungary and Sweden, who both also won on Friday.

Canada recorded their ninth straight win by beating Scotland - who are now relegated to the World Junior-B Championships, by 6-2, while Korea took an extra end to eventually beat the three-person Turkey team by 9-6. Meanwhile USA won by 11-3 to leave Japan without a win from their campaign.

To make it to the fourth place tie-breaker, Sweden beat Russia by 9-5 while Hungary were 7-5 winners over Switzerland, who now finish sixth overall, safely in next year's Worlds line-up.

Three teams from this year's event will be relegated to next year's World Junior-B Championships, and while bottom-placed Japan and second-bottom Scotland already know their fate, Turkey and Russia will have a tie-breaker on Saturday, with the winner safely into next year's World Junior Championships and the loser becoming the third team to drop into the World Junior-B Championships.

They Said It:

Madison Bear (lead, USA) after 11-3 win over Japan: "We're in the Page 1-2 game - it's kinda crazy for me at my first Worlds, but I've got a great group of girls around me - they know how it's done and they've really helped me. These teams are good - that Japan team - they're young and they're good and we're definitely going to see them again at Worlds, I know it. We're in a real good groove right now. We're working pretty well together and we want to keep that up."

Mary Fay (skip, Canada) after 6-2 win over Scotland: "It means so much (to make the Play-offs). We've had a good week so far, we've been focused and supporting one another. We're just excited to wear the Maple Leaf again, it doesn't happen that often. We're just enjoying every opportunity to put that on and compete. Being able to complete at this level and compete against the best in the world, especially with my team mates and best friends, it means so much."

RESULTS - Junior women session 9:

Canada 6 - 2 Scotland; Switzerland 5 - 7 Hungary; USA 11 - 3 Japan; Sweden 9 - 5 Russia; Turkey 6 - 9 Korea.

STANDINGS - Junior women after 9 sessions (W-L):

Canada (9-0) Qualified for the play-offs
USA (7-2) Qualified for the play-offs
Korea (7-2) Qualified for the play-offs
Hungary (5-4) Tie-breaker for play-off place
Sweden (5-4) Tie-breaker for play-off place
Switzerland (4-5)
Turkey (3-6) Tie-breaker for relegation
Russia (3-6) Tie-breaker for relegation
Scotland (2-7) Relegated to World Junior-B Championships
Japan (0-9) Relegated to World Junior-B Championships