Korea and Canada remain undefeated; Switzerland record first win

  • Korea win again to remain undefeated Photo © WCF / Richard Gray

After three sessions of women's round-robin play, Canada and Korea remain undefeated. Monday afternoon's third session also saw Switzerland pick up their first win so far.

For their victory, Korea were take all the way to a final stone by their opponents Scotland, who were unable to score the two points in that end that would tie the game and force an extra end. Instead Korea won by 6-5.

In contrast, Canada beat Russia by 10-4 in just seven ends, finishing with the flourish of a score of four points in that final end.

At the other end of the table, Sweden faced Switzerland, with both teams looking for their first win, and it was Switzerland who were successful, largely due to a run of scores in three ends - two points in the second, a steal of three points in the third end, and a further single-point steal in the fourth - that gave them a 6-2 lead that the Swedes could just not claw back. Switzerland eventually won by 12-5.

Hungary recorded their second win of the event so far, beating USA by 7-6 when USA skip Cory Christensen was heavy with her final draw of the game, giving Hungary a steal of one point from the end and their win.

The fifth game of the session was between Turkey and Russia and it went all the way to an extra end with Turkey gaining their second win of the Championships by first of all stealing two points in the tenth end to force the extra end, then gaining another steal of one point in that end to win the game 8-7.

They Said It:

Elena Stern (skip, Switzerland) after 12-5 win over Sweden: "I think we didn't play as well as we usually do in the first game that we lost, but today it was stable and we played well. After a bad first end we really stuck together and never lost. I hope we can now maintain this - we'll be doing our best."

Dorottya Palancsa (skip, Hungary) after 7-6 win over USA: "We are very happy with our win. We were really strong - we believe in each other and that’s why we were able to win."

RESULTS - Junior women session 3:

Hungary 7 - 6 USA; Korea 6 - 5 Scotland; Russia 4 - 10 Canada; Turkey 8 - 7 Japan (extra end); Sweden 5 - 12 Switzerland.

STANDINGS - Junior women after 3 sessions (W-L):

Canada (3-0)
Korea (3-0)
Hungary (2-1)
Turkey (2-1)
USA (2-1)
Russia (1-2)
Scotland (1-2)
Switzerland (1-2)
Japan (0-3)
Sweden (0-3)