Scotland win men’s VoIP Defender World Junior Curling Championship 2016 Gold Medals

  • Scotland win junior men's gold medals Photo © WCF / Richard Gray

Scotland beat USA by 6-4 to take the men's gold medals in Sunday afternoon's final. At the same time, Canada were 8-4 winners over Switzerland to take bronze.

The Scots controlled the gold medal final from the start. After blanking the first end, they scored two in the second when their skip Bruce Mouat drew his second stone into the house. After this, they forced USA to draw for just one point in the third end.

The Scots never gave up their advantage after this, scoring two more points in the fourth end for a 4-1 lead. The USA were troubled by a couple of pick-ups at crucial stages and they simply were unable to build anything against the Scots who kept control with tidy play.

Eventually, USA ran out of stones in the tenth with the score at 6-4 to Scotland - skip Bruce Mouat, third player Bobby Lammie; second Gregor Cannon, lead Angus Dowell, supported by alternate Robin Brydone and coach Alan Hannah.

After the game, Scottish skip Mouat said, "I feel a lot more relaxed than I thought I was going to be. I was quite happy in that game, I went through an emotional roller-coaster in the 1v2 game and it couldn't have been much worse than that, but I was quite chilled. We controlled that game from the start and that probably contributed to how I felt. Making the two in the second end and forcing the one in the third... after that it was easier."

Meanwhile, a disappointed USA skip Korey Dropkin was gracious in defeat, saying, "It's just the little things that make the difference in a World final and Scotland were on their game. They shot the lights out and we just had a rough game."

RESULTS - Junior Men Medal Games:

Gold: USA 4 - 6 Scotland
Bronze: Canada 8 - 4 Switzerland

STANDINGS Junior men:

1. Scotland - Gold Medals
2. USA - Silver Medals
3. Canada - Bronze Medals

4. Switzerland
5. Norway
6. Sweden
7. Russia - Relegated to World Junior-B Championships
8. Denmark - Relegated to World Junior-B Championships
9. Turkey - Relegated to World Junior-B Championships
10. Korea