WFG Continental Cup 2014 Skins match-ups revealed

The skins games are now set for the final day of play at the World Financial Group Continental Cup 2014.

Photo: Hugh Stewart

In the women’s skins games, Team World’s Sigfridsson (Sweden) will play Team North America’s Jennifer Jones (Canada) at 1pm (all times Pacific Standard Time), while at 6pm, Team World’s Muirhead (Scotland) will play Team North America’s Brown (USA).

In men’s skins, at 1pm it’s Team World’s Niklas Edin (Sweden) against Team North America’s John Shuster (USA), while at 6pm, Team North America’s Jacobs (Canada) will play Team World’s Thomas Ulsrud (Norway).

The mixed skins at 1pm features a Team North America squad skipped by Homan, with Jon Mead at third, Alison Kreviazuk at second and Reid Carruthers at lead, playing Team World’s Tome Brewster as skip, Emi Shimizu as third, Greg Drummond second and Chiaki Matsumura as lead.

The 6pm mixed skins lineups include Team North America’s Jeff Stoughton as skip, Emma Miskew as third, Mark Nichols second and Lisa Weagle as lead against Team World’s David Murdoch as skip, Satsuki Fujisawa in third, Scott Andrews second and Miyo Ichikawa as lead.

Each skins game is worth five points in the overall standings.

For the six mixed doubles and six singles matches, one point was awarded for each victory, one-half point if tied. There will be 18 team games (nine men’s and nine women’s) played, each worth one point for a win and a half-point for a tie. All games are eight ends and there are no extra ends.

A total of 60 points are available during this competition, meaning the side that earns more than 30 points will be declared the champion.

The winning side receives $52,000 Cdn ($2,000 per member, including captain and coach), while the losing side gets $26,000 ($1,000 per member, including captain and coach). As well, the side which generates the highest points total from the six Skins games will receive an additional $13,000 ($500 per player, plus captain and coach).

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In Canada, TSN (RDS2 in French), will broadcast complete live coverage of the event. In the United States, NBCSN will air extended highlight coverage on Sunday 19 January from 1:30-3:30 PM ET and on Sunday 26 January from 8:00-10:00 PM ET. Live coverage is also be available on the World Curling Federation’s YouTube Channel World Curling TV.