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Past Olympic Results
In 1932, 1988 and 1992, Curling was played as a demonstration sport only. At the Winter Olympic Games of 1932 in Lake Placid, only Canada and the USA took part in the competition, fielding 4 teams for each country. Past Olympic Winter Games Results Past Olympic Winter Games Results Olympi
WMDCC 2016: Day one round-up
Karlstad, Sweden Saturday 16 April 2016The World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2016 began today (Saturday 16 April) in Karlstad, Sweden. This is the ninth edition of this championship and the first time that teams will be playing for Olympic Qualification Points.
Olympic Winter Games 2010
Event Countdown presented by60Seconds60Minutes60Hours60Days \'> Olympic Winter Games 2010 DOWNLOADS Complete Olympic Winter Games Results (PDF) PLEASE NOTE: This file is 54Mb in size // $(window).load(function(){ }); //-->
Curling statue unveiled in Olympic Park at Olympic Museum
Lausanne, Switzerland September 16, 2014The World Curling Federation has become the first Olympic Winter sport to have a sculpture placed in the Olympic Park at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland. Photo: Curling Club Lausanne Olympique\'> Photo: Curling Club Lausanne Olympique Photo: Cur
Beijing named host city of Olympic Winter Games 2022
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia July 31, 2015The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has named Beijing, China, as the host city of the Olympic Winter Games 2022. photo:\'>National Aquatics Centre, Beijing photo: photo:\'>National Aquatics Centre, Beijing photo: olympi