China beat hosts Korea in extra end in the women’s first round-robin session

  • China steal win in extra end © WCF / Tom Rowland

The women’s competition at the Pacific-Asia Curling Championships 2018 kicked off with wins for China, Hong Kong and Japan.

The session’s televised game between China and Korea went all the way to an extra end.

After China stole a single point in the first end, Korea fought back over the next two ends, scoring two points in the second end and stealing a single point in the third end.

China tied the scores at 3-3 in the fourth end after their fourth player Yilun Jiang played a precise tap and roll through a crowded house for a score of two points.

Then, in the tenth end Korea, leading 5-4, successfully held China to a single point, taking the game to an extra end with the score, 5-5.

In that extra end, Korean skip Minji Kim was forced to play a difficult raise take-out for the win, but was marginally wide, giving up a steal of one point and giving China the win, 6-5.

Hong Kong began their championship against Qatar. After scoring two points in the first end, Hong Kong went on to steal seven points in the next three ends for a 9-0 lead. After the fifth end break Hong Kong continued their scoring with seven more points over the next three ends. Hong Kong went on to win, by 16-2.

After their game, Hong Kong skip, Hung Ling-Yue said: “We were just trying to make sure we got things in the house, their team is still developing, so we were taking advantage of their mistakes. Our goal is to try to qualify for the play-offs.”

The Olympic bronze medallist Japanese team, skipped by Satsuki Fujisawa, played an extraordinary game against Australia. The Fujisawa rink opened with a hit for five points in the first end and never looked back from there. They went on to steal 15 further points, leading to a final score of 20-0 after only six ends of play.

The championships continue today with the men's third session at 19:00 Korea Standard Time (KST), and the women return to the ice tomorrow (Monday 5 November) at 09:00 KST.

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