China and Japan qualify for the semi-finals in the women’s fifth session

  • China qualify for the semi-finals © WCF / Tom Rowland

The fifth round-robin session of the women’s competition at the Pacific-Asia Curling Championships 2018 saw China and Japan claim their semi-final places and Kazakhstan win.

China and Japan are the first women’s teams to earn their places in the semi-finals and remain undefeated in the competition.

Japan faced Qatar in this session and took just six ends to secure their victory, by 19-1. Japan opened the scoring with three points in the first end, then sealed their win with a steal of five points in the sixth end.

After their game, Japan coach J. D. Lind said: “We’ve played Qatar over the years and a lot of the athletes have been the same on that team, so actually our team has got to know them over the years. We’ve actually hosted them in Japan, so it’s a game that maybe was a little off-sided, but it was a lot of fun.”

He continued, “This event is a good chance for my team to play teams they don’t get to see very often, they pretty much only see them one time a year, so it’s kind of a good chance for them to catch up with some of their old friends, so it’s good.”

Looking ahead to tomorrow’s game when they take on the only other women’s unbeaten team, he added: “I expect a close game tomorrow against China. We’ve played China I think three times already this year, and they’ve all been pretty close games, so it will be a good test, they’re a strong team, so we’re looking forward to the game.”

China continued their impressive run at the championship, beating Australia, by 12-1. They opened the scoring with a big score of three points in the first end, while Australia struggled with their take-outs.
China then stole nine points over the next four ends to lead by 12-0 after five ends. After the break Australia scored one, then conceded defeat.

After the game, China coach, Carolyn McRorie said: “Before the game, I told the team to just play their game, play what they wanted to. They wanted to play some hits, they wanted to play a better game because we have Japan tomorrow, so we wanted to play a little bit more of a variety. We just wanted to keep it open if we got too far up, so we did that, so it was good.”

Elsewhere in the session Kazakhstan won their first game of the tournament, beating Hong Kong by 9-6.
Hong Kong opened the scoring with a single point in the first end. Kazakhstan responded with a score of three points in the second end, as Hong Kong missed a couple of their take-out attempts.

In the third end, Kazakhstan kept putting stones in the eight-foot, and facing five stones, Hong Kong skip Hung Ling-Yue was only partially successful with her last stone take-out attempt, resulting in a steal of two points for Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan kept the lead throughout the game, which ended with a 9-6 victory for them and a chance to reach the play-off stage.

The women’s championship continues tomorrow at 14:00 Korea Standard Time.


Session five: Qatar 1-19 Japan; Australia 1-12 China; Hong Kong 6-9 Kazakhstan.

Standings (W-L)

China (5-0) Q
Japan (4-0) Q
Korea (3-1)
Australia (1-3)
Hong Kong (1-3)
Kazakhstan (1-3)
Qatar (0-5)

Q = Qualified for the semi-finals

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