Norwegian Curling DVD now on sale

In a first for Norwegian curling, a new DVD on the Olympic winter sport has been created and is now available to the public.

The DVD is intended for novices who seek more information on curling but is also more than suitable for those who have some playing experience, and wish to progress further.

The DVD is suitable for all ages and focuses on five points:

1. Curling as a team sport (5:35)
2. The curling rink (3:40)
3. Basic technique (13:20)
4. Basic training (2:10)
5. Curling tips and etiquette (4:10)


The DVD shows both beginning players and their first experience with curling, and also features high-performance athletes like Paal Trulsen and Thomas Ulsrud.

In addition, there is an information pamphlet that will be ready at the beginning of this fall’s 2009-2010 season.

Project manager Oeyvind Noehr and Editor Nils Kaere Nesvold have combined their skills and know-how to create Norway’s first serious training film about curling.

The DVD costs 300 Norwegian kroners and can be ordered from The Norwegian Curling Association (Norges Curlingforbund) through the website or by sending an email to:

The first-ever Norwegian curling DVD is now available