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New Zealand Winter Games 2011
Event Countdown presented by60Seconds60Minutes60Hours60Days \'> The second edition of the New Zealand Winter Games will take place from the 13-28 August 2011. The curling competition at the event will run from 20-28 August at the Maniototo International Curling Rink - www
Teams will be published here as soon as they are announced.
Three teams qualify for the men's playoff stage
Uiseong, Korea Thursday 10 November 2016The morning session on Thursday (10 November) at the Uiseong Curling Training Center in Korea, featured the men’s session eight games and saw three teams qualify for the playoffs. With Japan’s victory over New Zealand in this session they ensured
First Pacific-Asia Junior Curling Camp
Naseby, New Zealand January 3, 2012The 1st Pacific-Asia Junior Curling Camp, run jointly by the World Curling Federation and the New Zealand Curling Association, is currently underway at the Maniototo Curling International indoor rink in Naseby, New Zealand.
China win second game of the day while Korea and Japan remain undefeated
Uiseong, Korea Monday 7 November 2016Monday (7 November) was brought to a close by the women’s third session of round-robin games being played at the Uiseong Curling Training Center in Korea. The session saw dominant wins for Korea, Japan, New Zealand and China.