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Foreign Expert for the Program Development of National Sports Structure, Olympic Solidarity – 2013-2016 World Programmes

Czech Curling Association (CZECA)

The Czech Curling Association is seeking a candidate for the position of Foreign Expert for the Program Development of National Sports Structure, Olympic Solidarity for the 2013 – 2016 World Programmes.

CZECA has been included into the program of Olympic Solidarity, Development of National Sports Structure. The purpose of the program is to extend and increase the level of the national coaches.

CZECA expects a successful candidate to stay in the Czech Republic during the season 2015 / 2016 (either in one course or split into more courses dependent on the most appropriate situation and mutual agreement).

During this stay, the foreign expert will cooperate with Czech curling coaches of national teams, coaches of the Youth Sports Centre as well as with the coaches of Extra-league teams; we expect his/her participation at the practices of the respective teams, providing theoretical and practical lessons, etc.

The foreign expert will also be expected to prepare top teams in the mens and womens category for the Olympic games, or Olympic qualification, whatever appropriate; i.e. he/she will also act as the National coach including participation at key tournaments, etc.

In the case of a successful cooperation, the expert will be offered a prolonged contract up to the Winter Olympic Games 2018!

If you are interested in this position of the Foreign Expert, please submit your proposal including:

1) a structured C.V. focusing on coaching expertise

2) any evidence of appropriate education/trainings you have passed (a WCF certificate, or certificate(s) of national curling association(s))

3) a philosophy/concept of your expected job for CZECA including the budget and remuneration requirements.

You will be asked to explain your concept at a presentation to the representatives of CZECA electronically.

Deadline:Your application should be submitted by September 30, 2015 at the latest to:

Czech Curling Association (Český svaz curlingu)
Vaníčkova 2, PO BOX 40,
160 17 Praha 6 – Strahov
Czech Republic
or via e-mail to