Maximising the Value Working Group

The Maximising The Value Working Group was set up following the World Curling Federation Annual General Assembly in 2019, with the aim of looking at how to increase the interest in curling beyond the current traditional audiences both on and offline. This included not only looking at the length of the game but issues such as pace of play and understandability.

The Maximising The Value Working Group includes a broad range of voices from within the sport including those involved in playing, administering, hosting, marketing, broadcasting and officiating.

As athletes those involved have been to ten Olympic Games winning four medals and on the wider world stage have represented their countries almost 1,300 times in World Curling Federation Events winning more than 60 medals.

The Maximising The Value Working Group is chaired by World Curling Federation Vice-President (Americas), Graham Prouse and consists of the following members:

Hugh Millikin – World Curling Federation Vice-President (Pacific-Asia)
Bent Ramsfjell – World Curling Federation Vice-President (Europe)
Katherine Henderson – Canada
Naoki Iwanaga – Japan
Susan Kesley – Scotland
Stefan Lund – Sweden
David Murdoch – Scotland & Athlete Commission
Jill Officer – Canada & Athlete Commission
Allison Pottinger – United States
Fred Randver – Estonia
Morten Søgård – Norway

The group are supported by the following World Curling Federation staff members:

Colin Grahamslaw – Secretary General
Christopher Hamilton – Head of Media
Richard Harding – Head of Broadcast
Eeva Roethlisberger – Head of Competitions

Trial Rules Consultation

Following the approval at the World Curling Federation Annual General Assembly by the Member Associations to authorise the World Curling Federation Board to take a final decision on the trial rules, three papers have been drafted to begin the consultation process.

These three documents outline the basis of the trial rules, updates to the initial proposals based on feedback received to date, rationale, benefits, challenges to overcome (concerns heard to date) and evidence base for the proposals.

The papers can be read via the following links:

Thinking Time Per End

No Tick Shots

Removal of Extra Ends in the Round Robin