Ford World Women's Championship - Day 8

Play-off 3 v 4: Scotland 8, Sweden 3.

Semi-final: Scotland 10, Canada 4.

Scotland had two victories on Saturday, beating Sweden by 8-3 in the Page 3 v 4 play-off game to move onto the semi-final in the evening. They then defeated Canada by 10-4 to march into Sunday’s gold medal final against Germany, leaving Sweden and Canada to battle it out for bronze.

Scotland were never headed in the Page game against Sweden. They opened with a single in the first end, which Sweden levelled in the second. Scotland scored two in the third with a nose-hit and then, after Sweden blanked the fourth, stole three in the fifth when Sweden’s Cecilia Ostlund was heavy with her final draw.

A further two through a nice draw by for Scottish skip Muirhead in the seventh end came after another Swedish single in the sixth, and when the Swedes could do no more than score one in the eighth, they gave up.

Canada took the early lead in the semi-final scoring two points in the opening end. They looked like stealing another two in the second but were foiled by a spectacular raised double by Muirhead that gave Scotland one.

The tide turned even more in the third end when Canada’s Jennifer Jones was heavy with her final draw to give up a steal of two. Canada levelled at 3-3 in the fourth but an umpire’s gave Scotland their third of three shots in the fifth. The measure came out again in the sixth end, this time giving Scotland a single steal as a result of a Canadian strike that was slightly off-target.

The seventh finally sealed the game, with Scotland stealing again, this time for three, when an attempted Canadian promote shot did not come off.

Canada scored one in the eighth, but conceded with the score at 10-4, giving Eve Muirhead her first-ever win over Jennifer Jones.

After the game, a disappointed Jones said, “it just wasn’t our day today. We just couldn’t get our rocks in the right spot and they played really well. It’s very disappointing. It just wasn’t meant to be. We actually had a great week and I thought we would have been in the final – we just didn’t come and play today. We just had a bad game. It happens, but they’re a very good team”.

By contrast, a delighted Muirhead said, “that’s the first time I’ve beaten her. She’s been a tough team for me over the years and I’ve finally got a win...when it matters. I’m really delighted”.

Muirhead added, “I don’t know that it’s actually sunk in yet that I’m in my first final. It was such a hard game. You know you’re 10-3 up but inside it doesn’t feel like that at all. It was just - keep the nerve, keep calm, and it was fantastic out there”.

Ever the perfectionist, Muirhead also said, “we didn’t get off to a good start. We gave up a two in the first end and then had to play a raised double to prevent her stealing a two in the second. That shot really boosted my confidence and it really helped. We really fought back after that.”

Looking forward, she added, “we’ve got a silver medal, but we’re going out there now for the gold medal. We’ve got to keep performing the way we have been going and give Andrea (Schoepp) a good game”.

28 Mar 10:00 Local/1600 GMT (28 Mar): BRONZE – SWEDEN v CANADA
28 Mar 15:00 Local/2100 GMT (28 Mar): FINAL – GERMANY v SCOTLAND

Remaining women’s team standings:
5. USA 7-5
6. Denmark 6-5
7. China 6-5
8. Russia 5-6
9. Norway 3-8
10. Switzerland 3-8
11. Japan 2-9
12. Latvia 1-10