Ford World Women's Championship - Day 7

Playoff 1v2: Canada-Germany 3-6

Tiebreaker: Sweden-United States 11-8

On a dramatic Friday, Germany’s Andrea Schopp put herself into her first World Championship final since 1988 when she beat Canada’s Jennifer Jones by 6-3 in the Page one versus two Play-off game.

Earlier, Sweden’s Cecilia Ostlund brought the USA campaign to an end, winning the fourth-place tie-breaker by 11-8. Sweden now go on to face Scotland in Saturday’s Page three versus four Play-off, while USA’s Erika Brown now ranks fifth overall.

The Germany–Canada game was tight and low-scoring all the way, but eventually turned on a miss by Canadian skip Jennifer Jones in the ninth.

This handed Germany the chance of a nose-hit for four which was eagerly grabbed by Schopp, to give Germany a 6-3 lead. After this, Germany ran Canada out of stones in the tenth end for their win.

Afterwards, a delighted Schopp said, “I thought we had a good chance to get out of the ninth well, because there were possibilities to take out the two reds”.

More generally, she spoke about the Canadian performance. “She had a lot of misses. I thought she looked nervous in the beginning and I thought if we could survive the first five ends we would have a good chance”.

Schopp is the current European champion after a long gap, and she smiled as she considered the gap between her appearances in the world final. “For the Europeans it takes ten years between finals appearances, and for the worlds it takes twenty”.

For her part, Canada’s Jones remained upbeat. “That was just bad luck. I thought we controlled the whole game and just had a really bad ninth end” she said.

Looking forward, she added, “hopefully we’ll come out playing good tomorrow night and get back into the final. We want a third go at Germany. We’ve had a great week and we really want to get in the final, and now we just have to play one extra game to get there”. Germany was the only team to beat Canada in the round robin.

Canada now await the winner of the Page 3v4 game in the semi-final, with the winner of that going into the gold medal game against Germany on Sunday.

The 3v4 loser and the semi-final loser will play off for the bronze medal on Sunday, before the gold medal final.

27 Mar 12:00 Local/1800 GMT (27 Mar): Playoff 3v4 Scotland v Sweden
27 Mar 17:00 Local/2300 GMT (27 Mar): SEMI-FINAL – Canada v winner of 3v4 Playoff

28 Mar 10:00 Local/1600 GMT (28 Mar): BRONZE
28 Mar 15:00 Local/2100 GMT (28 Mar): FINAL – Germany v winter of semi-final

Remaining women’s team standings:
5. USA 7-5
6. Denmark 6-5
7. China 6-5
8. Russia 5-6
9. Norway 3-8
10. Switzerland 3-8
11. Japan 2-9
12. Latvia 1-10