Ford World Women's Championship - Day 6

Standings after round-robin (17 sessions):

Canada 10-1
Germany 8-3
Scotland 8-3
Sweden 7-4
USA 7-4
Denmark 6-5
China 6-5
Russia 5-6
Norway 3-8
Switzerland 3-8
Japan 2-9
Latvia 1-10

W15: USA 5, Sweden 9; Latvia 6, Switzerland 9; Russia 4, Canada 7; Japan 6, Norway 5.

W16: Germany 4, Latvia 2; China 5, USA 9; Denmark 8, Japan 7; Scotland 5, Russia 9.

W17: Norway 7, Denmark 9 (extra end); Canada 8, Scotland 5; Switzerland 2, Germany 8; Sweden 4, China 9.

Canada’s Jennifer Jones emerged victorious by 8-5 over Scotland in a top of the table clash in the final round-robin session of the Ford World Women’s Championship on Thursday evening to top the rankings, with just one defeat from eleven games.

This game was level at 3-3 in the fifth, but slack Scottish play in the sixth and seventh, when Scottish skip Eve Muirhead was first long and then short with her final draws, turned the game in Canada’s favour.

Afterwards, a pleased Jones said, “that was a big win for us and we’re pretty excited. I thought we all played pretty well today as a team and we enjoyed the crowd”. By contrast, Scotland’s Muirhead conceded, “we lost a silly two in the sixth when I put my last stone through the back. We were chasing from then on and we’re disappointed”.

Because of this result, on Friday evening, Jennifer Jones will lead her women into the Page 1 v 2 Play-off game against Germany’s Andrea Scheopp, who beat Switzerland by 8-2 in the same session. That win put Germany on the same won eight, lost three record as the Scots, but Germany are now in the 1 v 2 game because of their win over Scotland earlier in the week.

After her win, Germany’s Andrea Scheopp, current European champion, said, “This time it doesn’t mean a medal - not yet. But it’s a good feeling to be there. I haven’t been in the 1 -2 before” adding, “I’ve really been motivated to come here, much more so than to the Olympics”.

Defending champions China bowed out with a 9-4 win over Sweden, a result that puts Sweden into a Friday afternoon tie-breaker against USA, who sat out the session, for the fourth place in the Page line-up.

In the last finish of the round-robin section of the Championship, Denmark had an extra end 9-7 win over Norway to rank sixth overall, while Norway finished ninth.

26 Mar 20:00 Local/0200 GMT (27 Mar): Playoff 1v2 CAN v GER
27 Mar 12:00 Local/1800 GMT (27 Mar): Playoff 3v4 SCO v Winner of Tiebreak (Swe v USA)
27 Mar 17:00 Local/2300 GMT (27 Mar): SEMI-FINAL
28 Mar 10:00 Local/1600 GMT (28 Mar): BRONZE
28 Mar 15:00 Local/2100 GMT (28 Mar): FINAL