Chinese men & Korean women win Pacific Championships 2010

China has won gold at this year’s Pacific Men’s Curling Championship, beating Korea 9-3 and completing the event which was held in Uiseong, Korea on an unbeaten record. In the women’s event, the Korean women’s team won the gold medal game 10-7 beating Vancouver Olympic bronze medallists Bingyu Wang and her team from China.

With this gold and silver finish, both the men’s and women’s teams from Korea and China have secured the World Curling Federation Pacific zone berths at the 2011 World Curling Championships.

The Chinese men, skipped by Fengchun Wang, took on Dong Keun Lee’s Korean side in the final.


Korea’s Ji Sun Kim skipped her team to victory against China’s Bingyu Wang whose team had got through the championship up until the final without losing a game.


It is the second time in the 20 year history of the Pacific Curling Championships that the Korean women’s team has won the event. Their previous win was in 2001 when the event was held in Jeonju, Korea.

Australia won the bronze medal in the men’s competition beating New Zealand 9-4. Japan won the women’s bronze medal with a win over New Zealand 7-4.

Full results and photos can be seen here:


1. CHINA (Skip: Fengchun Wang) - Gold & qualification for WMCC 2011
2. KOREA (Skip: Dong Keun Lee) - Silver & qualification for WMCC 2011
3. AUSTRALIA (Skip: Hugh Millikin) - Bronze
4. NEW ZEALAND (Skip: Sean Becker)
5. CHINESE TAIPEI (Skip: Randie Shen)
6. JAPAN (Skip: Makoto Tsuruga)

1. KOREA (Skip: Ji Sun Kim) - Gold & qualification for WWCC 2011
2. CHINA (Skip: Bingyu Wang) – Silver & qualification for WWCC 2011
3. JAPAN (Skip: Mayo Yamaura) - Bronze
4. NEW ZEALAND (Skip: Bridget Becker)
5. AUSTRALIA (Skip: Kim Forge)