Capital One World Men’s Championship – Day 2

Standings after 5 Sessions:
Canada 3-0
Scotland 3-0
China 2-1
Denmark 2-1
Germany 2-1
Italy 2-1
Norway 2-1
France 1-2
USA 1-2
Japan 0-3
Sweden 0-3
Switzerland 0-3.

Draw 3: Scotland 8, Sweden 4; Norway 9, France 3.

Draw 4: USA 7, Switzerland 5; Germany 5, Italy 6; China 8, Japan 6; Canada 8, Denmark 3.

Draw 5: France 6, Scotland 8; Switzerland 5, Canada 9; Denmark 9, USA 7; Sweden 4, Norway 7.

Canada and Scotland share the lead after five sessions of play in the Capital One World Men’s Curling Championship, each on three wins and no losses.

On Sunday afternoon Canada’s Kevin Koe had a one-sided six-end 8-3 win over Denmark’s Johnny Frederiksen, scoring four in the third end and a further three in the fifth, each time playing some delicate shots. However, afterwards, Koe complained that his team was still suffering from jet-lag, saying, ““I feel like we’re getting it, but it just doesn’t feel like we’re all there yet” he said. “I think we’re still struggling with the travel. A couple of us that came later are waking up at one or two in the morning and not getting to sleep again, so by the time you hit the actual game, you’re pretty tired. But I’m happy with the way we’re playing and as another day or two goes on we’ll feel back to normal”.

Later, Koe’s team was made to fight all the way against Switzerland, coming from behind when he lost a three in the seventh end, before responding with a three of his own in the eighth and a steal of two in the ninth for his eventual 9-5 win.

Scotland’s Warwick Smith scored fives in each of his Sunday games. Against Sweden the teams were tied at 2-2 after five when Sweden’s Per Carlsen was long and through with his final draw in the sixth, leaving Smith with a straightforward draw for five and a 7-2 lead, which the Scots eventually turned into an 8-4 win after nine.

Later, against France’s Thomas Dufour, the Scots had to wait till the seventh end before taking five for a 7-3 lead. After this, they had to resist a brief French revival when Dufour’s team scored a single in the eighth and then closed to within one point with a steal of two in the ninth. Scotland then hung on, scoring one in the tenth for their 8-6 win.

After the French game, Smith said, “we’re not trying to do anything fancy”, and added with a smile, “fives are always good...if unexpected!”.

Behind the two unbeaten leaders, five teams are tied in third, with two wins and one loss – China, Denmark, Germany, Italy and Norway, while three teams have yet to record wins – Japan, Sweden and Switzerland all suffering three losses so far.