Canada, USA clinch semifinal berths at 2010 Paralympic Games

Canada’s Jim Armstrong and USA’s Augusto Perez clinched the first two semifinal berths today in action at the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games.

Armstrong’s Canadian team clinched during the afternoon session and picked up two more wins today to remain in first place with a 7-1 record. Perez and the Americans also won twice – 9-8 against Norway and 8-3 over Japan that featured a six-ender – to run their record to 6-2 and earn the second semifinal berth. The final two semifinal berths will be determined at the conclusion of the round robin tomorrow barring a need for tiebreaker games.

Korea’s Haksung Kim rink battled Canada tonight before falling, 6-4, to drop to 5-3 in the standings for third place but should be in good position to earn a playoff spot. Right behind Korea is the steadily-improving Swedish rink led by Jalle Jungnell rink at 4-3.

Italy’s Andrea Tabanelli and Germany’s Jens Jaeger rink are still in the playoff hunt with 3-4 records and two games remaining in the round robin.

Game scores
Session 1: Korea 9, Switzerland 3; USA 9, Norway 8; Canada 8, Germany 6; Sweden 7, Great Britain 6 (extra end)

Session 2: Canada 6, Korea 4; USA 8, Japan 3; Italy 9, Norway 7

*Canada 7-1
*USA 6-2
Korea 5-3
Sweden 4-3
Germany 3-4
Italy 3-4
Norway 3-5
Japan 2-5
Great Britain 2-5
Switzerland 2-5
*clinched semifinal berth