Canada, USA and Korea advance to the semi-finals

Augusto Perez and Team USA will go into Saturday's semifinals riding a three-game win streak after taking down Switzerland this afternoon at the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games.

"This is our best record ever. Each year we've been getting better and better," Joseph said. "This year is not about the medal to me, it is about competing in my favorite sport. It's the thrill of the game that keeps me going." Joseph played in today's game at the second position and shot 64 percent - his best effort in three games played this week.

"We've worked with Steve [Brown, head coach] since May. He works our butts off," Joseph said. "We have worked so hard to get here and have such great people all around us. It's the perfect atmosphere to win."

Today's victory against Switzerland's Manfred Bolliger rink was a solid effort by the Americans, who shot 59 percent compared to just 37 percent by the Swiss.

Bolliger, who has won a gold, two silvers and a bronze at past world wheelchair championships, came through a port to the house to try to remove one of three U.S. stones in the fifth end but just nudged one further into the four-foot before running his own stone out the back of the house. He'd wreck on the guard with his final rock, giving Perez a chance to draw for four but Perez was heavy, picking up three.

Bollinger went on to defeat Norway in the final round robin game this evening in 7 ends by the score of 10-3.

Italy shocked the host country Canada this evening by a score of 8-7. Canada looked to have taken control of a close game when they stole 2 points in the 5th end to take the lead until skip Andrea Tabanelli of Italy answered with 4 points in the 6th end.

Canada tied the score going into the last end and things were looking good before Tabanelli got a great take out with his last rock through a port as wide as a beaver to become shot rock and win the game.

The tie-breaker between Sweden and Italy will be at 14:30 Friday. The winner will play Canada in the semi-final game.

The semifinals are set for 10:00 Saturday with the medal games following at 3:30.

Game scores:
Session 11: Korea 9, Germany 2; USA 8, Switzerland 2; Japan 8, Sweden 7; Italy 6, Great Britain 3

Session 12: Great Britain 10, Japan 4; Switzerland 10, Norway 4; Sweden 10, Germany 3; Italy 8, Canada 7

*Canada 7-2
*USA 7-2
*Korea 6-3
**Italy 5-4
**Sweden 5-4
Great Britain 3-6
Switzerland 3-6
Germany 3-6
Norway 3-6
Japan 3-6

* Semi-final berth
** Tie breaker for fourth seed