Board Directors and Staff


Kate Caithness OBE (Scotland)

President to 2022

Bent Ramsfjell (Norway)

Vice President (Europe) to 2019

Graham Prouse (Canada)

Vice President (Americas) to 2021

Hugh Millikin (Australia)

Vice President (Pacific-Asia) to 2020

Hew Chalmers (Scotland)

Board Director to 2021

Cathrine Lindahl (Sweden)

Board Director to 2020

Toyo Ogawa (Japan)

Board Director to 2019

Beau Welling (USA)

Board Director to 2022

Colin Grahamslaw

Secretary General

WCF Staff

Eeva Roethlisberger - Head of Competitions
Scott Arnold - Head of Development
Darrell Ell - Competitions and Development Officer
Karri Willms - Competitions and Development Officer
Jiri Snitil - Competitions and Development Officer

Richard Harding - Development Officer
Liz Munro - Competitions and Development Administrator
Saskia Mueller-Gastell - Projects Officer

Cameron MacAllister - Head of Media
Chris Hamilton - Digital Media Officer
Emily Dwyer - Media Officer

Joanna Kelly - Broadcast Manager

Jorge Vazquez - Curling World Cup Project Manager
Uli Kapp - Curling World Cup Sport Manager
Lesley McCrae - Curling World Cup Broadcast Manager

Thelma Black - Finance Controller
Susan Keith - Anti-Doping Officer
Ashley Melville - IT Officer
Gill Amatt - Administrative Assistant