Beijing Sports University

Position: Head Coach for BSU’s curling program
Department: Chinese Curling College of Beijing Sport University
Department duty: Respond to the call of the state and the General Administration of Sport,actively promote the development of Chinese curling. Selecting the outstanding athletes and develop them to national team,prepare the 2022 winter Olympic game in Beijing.

Job purpose:
(1) Lead the team into the game and achieve the desired results.
(2) Developing Beijing sport university curling team or player be selected on national team.
(3) Establish the cultivation system and content of curling athletes, coaches and referees.

Key responsibility:
(1) Daily Coach for Beijing Sport University curling team.
(2) According to Beijing Sport University curling program’s main goal, making the development plan, organise, guide, teaching the team training and competition.
(3) Develop the team to the lever of national team, and finally be selected for national team.
(4) Working with other coaches in curling team.
(5) As a coach guiding the athletes how to participate the competition.
(6) Responsible for developing and implementing standards and contents for selection and selection of athletes and providing detailed analysis reports.
(7) Develop training, competition and competition plans for the sustainable development of athletes and provide detailed evaluation reports.
(8) Selection of curling athletes who meet the entrance requirements of Beijing sport university and have development potential and talent.
(9) Working with related personnel to develop and implement necessary scientific training, physical training and rehabilitation training plans, etc., and provide detailed evaluation reports.
(10) Continually develop, update and monitor performance standards for projects and athletes
(11) Design and implement periodic training and competition plans for all athletes.
(12) Understanding the development of major competitors in time and provide detailed analysis report.
(13) Assist Beijing Sport University of physical education to develop the teaching course system, related training system and content of curling project.
(14) Communicate and report with Beijing Sport University or Chinese curling college.
(15) Responsible for the development of training and competition budget and the effective implementation of budget.
(16) Assisting to build the coach team.
(17) Responsibility to complete is not yet clear, but belongs to the Beijing sport University curling team coach should complete all other work.

Relative responsibility:

(1) Meet the requirements of foreign experts hired by Beijing Sport University.
(2) Have relevant qualifications for the job.
(3) Participate in various commercial and public welfare activities of Chinese curling college and curling team.
(4) To observe the relevant laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China.
(5) Subject to the management of Beijing sport university and China curling academy.

The deadline for applications is 31 December 2019

To apply for the position contact Song Zixuan via email at [email protected]