Estonian Curling Association (ECA)

Job: National Trainer
Application Deadline: 1 June 2020


  1. Be in charge of technical development of 20-25 athletes, including wheelchair athletes.
  2. Design and implement periodic on-ice training plans for athletes, taking into account different levels
  3. 5-10 days on-site in Tallinn per month (August – May)
  4. Guiding on-ice trainings, focus on all technical aspects
  5. Make use of analysis tools and track individual progress
  6. Enable players and/or team coaches how to practice effectively
  7. Constructive and continuous interaction with ECA and team coaches

The position holds the possibility to grow and assume more responsibility in future (such as develop overall program, team development, competition and championships coaching)

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Strong technical curling knowledge
  • Experience in yearly and periodic training program development
  • Competency in designing training plans and drills
  • Joy in developing curlers at different levels
  • Strong organisational and interpersonal skills
  • Positive attitude, open minded, strong communication skills
  • Good English language skills, oral and written
  • Proficiency in managing athletes from afar when not onsite
  • Ability to understand and use online resources to facilitate distance learning and knowledge transfer.

Applicants should send resumés to [email protected]