Broadcast schedule for the World Junior Curling Championships 2023

Scotland's Fay Henderson at the World Junior Curling Championships 2022 © WCF / Cheyenne Boone

The World Curling Federation will provide coverage of all games from the World Junior Curling Championships 2023 in Fuessen, Germany. The event will run from 25 February until 4 March 2023.

World Curling TV will produce high-quality streaming coverage with commentary of 26 games. All the rest of the sheets during all sessions will be available to view on The Curling Channel‘s static cameras. These games do not include commentary and can be selected to watch using fewer Recast credits than the high-quality streams with commentary.

The playing schedule of the championships is available here.

Watch live games exclusively on The Curling Channel in partnership with Recast.

All times are CET (Central European Time) which is Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) +1 hour.

Watch these games here.

GameSessionDateTime UTC+1
Germany v NorwayM1Saturday 25 February14:00
Germany v SwitzerlandW2Saturday 25 February19:30
Germany v United StatesM2Sunday 26 February9:00
Japan v ScotlandW3Sunday 26 February14:00
Canada v SwitzerlandM3Sunday 26 February19:00
Sweden v United StatesW4Monday 27 February9:00
Scotland v GermanyM4Monday 27 February14:00
Japan v KoreaW5Monday 27 February19:00
Scotland v SwedenW5Monday 27 February19:00
Germany v SwitzerlandM5Tuesday 28 February9:00
Canada v JapanW6Tuesday 28 February14:00
Germany v SwedenW6Tuesday 28 February14:00
Norway v CanadaM6Tuesday 28 February19:00
Germany v JapanW7Wednesday 1 March9:00
Canada v ItalyM7Wednesday 1 March14:00
Sweden v JapanW8Wednesday 1 March19:00
Canada v GermanyM8Thursday 2 March9:00
Canada v SwitzerlandW9Thursday 2 March14:00
United States v CanadaM9Thursday 2 March19:00
Women’s Semi-final 1Friday 3 March14:00
Women’s Semi-final 2Friday 3 March14:00
Men’s Semi-final 1Friday 3 March19:00
Men’s Semi-final 2Friday 3 March19:00
Women’s GoldSaturday 4 March9:00
Women’s BronzeSaturday 4 March9:00
Men’s GoldSaturday 4 March14:00
Men’s BronzeSaturday 4 March14:00

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Fuessen, Germany

6 February 2023
World Junior Curling Championships 2023