World Curling call for Board nominations

The World Curling Federation is looking for nominations to fill two positions on the Board in the 2021 Annual General Assembly elections.

In a new process voted on by Member Associations at the 2020 Annual General Assembly, Candidates no longer need to be nominated by their Member Association, they can be nominated by anyone, or submit their own name.

The Board positions due for election are:

  • Vice-president (Americas)
  • Director Position One

These positions are for an initial four-year term and require a level of commitment that includes attending meetings and events, while also contributing to the work of the Federation in a variety of ways. This can also include travel of around 20 days per year.

Graham Prouse, who holds the Vice-president (Americas) position will be seeking re-election, however, Hew Chalmers, who currently holds the Director One position has indicated he will not be seeking re-election.

The World Curling Federation Board was formally changed to a skill based Strategic Board and as such, following a self-assessment it has been determined that individuals with Marketing and Risk Management skillsets would be especially welcome candidates.

Nominees will be vetted and interviewed by the Nominations Committee prior to advising the Membership of a suitable candidate.

To discuss the vacancies further, please contact Hew Chalmers, Chair of the Nominations Committee.

Submit Nomination

To submit a nomination please download and complete the nomination form below and return to the World Curling Federation office using the email address [email protected] by 13 June 2021.

Candidates will also be required to submit a video, no more than five minutes long, that will be made available to the Member Association representatives. This video should highlight the candidate’s motivation for the position and what they can bring to the work of the Board and the Federation.


Nomination Form | Information for Candidates | Skills Matrix

Perth, Scotland

28 May 2021
Board Nominations