Statement on the World Men’s Championship’s updated medical guidelines

In response to questions from the affected team’s Olympic Committee and after a lengthy meeting with Alberta Health, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Robert McCormack, event medical officer Dr. Danielle Kelton, a representative from the affected team and their National Olympic Committee medical advisor prior to the Sunday (11 April) morning game, the following medical decisions were determined:

The player who tested positive on Friday (9 April), then negative in a follow-up test on Saturday (10 April), had previously received a full vaccination — two doses — in his home country prior to the beginning of the championship.

The facts surrounding this specific individual were argued to be strong enough for a re-evaluation of the earlier decision, after it was determined that it would put his team-mates and opponents at a very minimal risk by participating in Sunday’s play-off games.

Additionally, all athletes, coaches and event officials who were deemed to have been in close contact with the athletes tested negative on Saturday, including those individuals who received positive test results on Friday and who remain asymptomatic.

Further medical guidelines were implemented to increase the safety to those involved in Sunday’s games, these include:

  • All on-ice players must wear facemasks at all times while in the field of play.
  • Each on-ice player will receive PCR throat-swab tests before and after each game.

The medical guidelines will stay in place for the remainder of Sunday’s play-off games and were agreed with the approval from Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Deena Hinshaw.

Calgary, Canada

11 April 2021
Medical Statement