World Curling Academy adds Technical Coach Level 1 Course

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The World Curling Academy has now launched its third online education programme, Technical Coach Level 1. The course is only the first part of the requirements to become a World Curling Academy Certified Level 1 Technical Coach. Participants are required to pass an in-person assessment by a World Curling Academy Educator to complete the certification.

This self-paced course is designed to educate individuals who wish to learn the skills required to teach the sport of curling to new participants. These skills include game orientation, delivery, sweeping, and basic strategy.

“The pandemic has hit the sporting industry in unimaginable ways, but we are seeing glimmers of hope with curling facilities opening their doors to the public around the world. Curlers are anxious to get back to the sport they love and hopefully the sport will attract new people looking for a new pastime. This online course will offer existing curlers the tools required to introduce the sport to those wanting to learn in a safe environment using well established techniques,” said World Curling Federation Head of Development, Scott Arnold.

“This could not have been completed without the help of the Curriculum Advisory Group, my colleagues at the World Curling Federation, our valued Member Associations, and of course World Curling Federation education partners World Academy of Sport.”

“The World Curling Academy is almost one-year old and to date we have seen registrations from 56 unique countries. This proves the global love of our winter sport and encourages all involved at the Academy to continue to add to the platform to aid in its’ growth. Over the coming months, we will add a Technical Wheelchair Curling Coach elective to the course with the intent of providing more training opportunities for the Paralympic sport of wheelchair curling.”

Registration for the Technical Coach Level 1 course is available here.

The Ice Technician Level 1 and Umpire Level 1 courses have seen participants from each of the World Curling Federation zonal regions complete the online portion of the certification and are awaiting their chance to meet with a World Curling Academy Educator to complete their certification.

Scotland coaches at the Le Gruyère AOP European Curling Championships 2019 © WCF / Richard Gray

World Curling Academy Frequently Asked Questions

What is the World Curling Academy?

The World Curling Academy is a partnership between the World Curling Federation and the World Academy of Sport. Together we aim to provide education and certification for all aspects of the sport as well as providing resources to develop and grow curling locally and globally.

Who funded the Academy?

The World Curling Academy is wholly funded by the World Curling Federation who relies on the expertise of its Member Associations and Official Partners for curriculum advice, content and human resources to deliver courses worldwide.

Do I need to register?

In order to gain full access to the World Curling Academy site, you will need to register. There is no cost to register for the Academy.

Is it free? 

With your free Academy registration, you will be able to take the World Curling Federation’s Rules of Curling and Rules of Competition Course and access all of the educational FloorCurl instruction videos. The videos are currently offered in seven different languages with more being developed.

There is a fee for taking any of the other online and in-person courses. Costs vary and are quoted in US dollars. Payment is made online using PayPal.

What does it include?

Currently, alongside the newly launch Umpire Level 1 course, the academy also runs a World Curling Federation Rules of Curling and Rules of Competition Course and an Ice Technician Level 1 Course online. Once the site is fully populated, the course selection will include three levels of certification for Ice Technicians and Technical Coaches, four levels of certification for Umpires and one level of certification for Team Coaches.

It is important to understand that the online courses are only one part of the certification process. In-person training and assessment will be required to become fully certified. The Academy will act as the registration site for this part of the process. Starting in 2021, the World Curling Academy will be the site for camp registration too. This will include the popular Youth and Adult Camps.

The Academy will act as a resource library for curling development. Currently, there are ten videos explaining how to use FloorCurl as an educational tool to teach curling and how to transition participants from ice-less to on-ice curling.

What is the in-person assessment?

Before being certified in a discipline, the World Curling Academy Educators will ensure that participants have fully understood the online theory portion of the courses they attend. More details on the in-person assessments will be released at a later date.

Who can use the site?

The site is open to anyone wanting to know more about the sport of curling. At launch, all courses will be in English, but it is the intent of the Academy to expand the content into a more diverse selection of languages.

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Perth, Scotland

30 September 2020
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