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361˚ World Men’s Curling Championship 2018 delivers wide-ranging benefits to Las Vegas

The 361˚ World Men’s Curling Championship 2018 generated $USD 8.9 million of direct economic impact for Las Vegas according to Sportcal’s latest Global Sports Impact (GSI) Event Study.

The analysis, conducted as part of Sportcal’s GSI Event Studies Programme, looks at a range of impact indicators, examining the economic, tourism, event experience, media, social media, sponsorship, sporting and the social benefits of hosting the event. The holistic Event Study also provides analysis of the legacy the event leaves behind and includes interviews with key stakeholders of the 361˚ World Men’s Curling Championship 2018. A summary of key findings can be found here, www.sportcal.com/News/PressReleases/122780

The nine-day event attracted 74,829 spectators to the Orleans Arena. Overall, 75.2 per cent of unique spectators came from overseas, while a further 19.9 per cent attended from outside of Las Vegas. On average, spectators stayed in Las Vegas for 7.1 nights and generated 28,745 bed nights, with visitor spend totalling $USD 7.44 million.

The event was well-received with 95 per cent of spectators agreeing they had a positive experience whilst 41 per cent rated the championship as being better than or the best comparable event they have ever attended.

Television coverage was aired by 13 broadcasters in 47 nations across three continents, with live streaming available worldwide via Facebook, YouTube and the Olympic Channel. Social media proved a strong source of publicity for the event with accounts administered by the World Curling Federation, USA Curling and the local organising committee accounted for 666 posts that generated 31,818 reactions/likes and 3,662 shares/retweets.

The 361˚ World Men’s Curling Championship 2018 was supported by 14 partners, comprising one title sponsor, five main sponsors, four suppliers and four domestic event partners. The Chinese sportswear supplier 361° held two partnership positions as the title sponsor of the championship and an official supplier of the World Curling Federation – it was recognised by 92 per cent of respondents when asked to recall Event Sponsors unprompted.

In total, 13 countries represented by 65 athletes participated in the 361˚ World Men’s Curling Championship 2018. Of the 153 volunteers supporting the event, 79.1 per cent came from overseas, with Canadian volunteers accounting for 76.5 per cent of all volunteers.

Among the various legacies coming from the 361˚ World Men’s Curling Championship 2018 was the concept of knowledge transfer adopted by the key stakeholders involved in the event, which bodes well in particular for the future of the sport and specifically the World Men’s Curling Championship when hosted out of Canada

World Curling Federation President, Kate Caithness, said: “Thank you to Sportcal for pulling together this robust event study for the 361º World Men’s Curling Championship 2018 in Las Vegas, United States.

“This study gives us an in-depth look at the level of interest our blue-ribbon championship generates across a wide range of elements, including spectator data and media attending the event, sponsorship potential, TV exposure and social media engagement, to name but a few.

“We will now present this definitive insight to interested committees showing the benefits of hosting our biggest championships.”

Jon Killoran, CEO Reno Tahoe Winter Games Coalition/Sports Nevada USA commented: “Sportcal’s ability to capture detailed data during the 2018 World Men’s Curling Championship and produce this in depth, multi-levelled study is unparalleled.”

“This study will prove invaluable to us in helping promote our Nevada sports marketplace, especially Las Vegas and our ‘World Curling Oasis’ host property, The Orleans Hotel Casino and Arena.”

Colin Stewart, Senior Analyst of Sportcal and the GSI Project, added: “We would like to thank the World Curling Federation and the Reno Tahoe Winter Games Coalition for their trust and support in producing this study. Every second year, the pinnacle event of men’s curling takes place outside of Canada, and on this occasion, Las Vegas and The Orleans Hotel Casino and Arena has lived up to its reputation as a ‘World Curling Oasis’.

“What was particularly striking in our assessment was the volume of overseas tourism, not just by spectators, but by an international volunteer cohort that contributed significantly to the overall tourism impact that the event generated.”

The GSI Event Study can be accessed in full and free of charge via Sportcal’s Report Store – www.sportcal.com/Reports/Search?tg=618 – using discount code: WCCESGSI

For further information about the GSI project and how to join the GSI Event Studies Programme, contact [email protected] or visit www.sportcal.com/GSI

You can follow the work of the World Curling Federation on Twitter, Instagram (@worldcurling) and Facebook (/WorldCurlingFederation) and by searching the hashtag #curling

Perth, Scotland

6 November 2018