New York club aim to grow curling after Olympic Celebration Tour

The World Curling Federation’s Olympic Celebration Tour made its first stop of the 2017-2018 season last week, in New York, United States.

Almost 900 participants took part in the programme – that helps curling clubs around the globe generate interest in the sport – at Ardsley Curling Club, 20 miles north of Manhattan.

2014 Olympic gold medallist, Kaitlyn Lawes, was once again on hand to meet aspiring young curlers and introduce the sport to people who were trying it for the very first time. The Olympic Celebration Tour is supported by the Foundation for Global Sports Development.

Matthew Scheiner, vice-president of Ardsley Curling Club, said: “As a club, we hope to achieve increased growth of knowledge about the sport of curling in our area, which hopefully will turn into increased membership in our club.

“We met with approximately 800 students from a local middle school in just the first day of the Olympic Celebration Tour. On top of that, we had approximately 100 other people involved in the various events that we hosted throughout the weekend.”

For Ardsley Curling Club the Tour stop is the first step in a much bigger plan to capitalise on the increased interest curling will receive when it is broadcasted to the world every day of the forthcoming Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, in PyeongChang, Republic of Korea, in February and March.

Scheiner continued: “We are hopeful that the exposure the Olympic Celebration Tour brought to the sport will increase the viewership of the Olympic curling events in February. With increased viewership our club should see an increase in membership, but more importantly, the ratings in a high profile market should go up, which helps the sport as a whole.

The World Curling Federation facilitates the growth and development of curling worldwide. It works closely with and mentors established, new and prospective Member Associations and employs a team of Competitions and Development Officers (CDOs) to run quality programmes – of which the Olympic Celebration Tour is a part of – camps, courses and produce resources to aid the growth of the sport.

Interested Member Association and curling clubs are encouraged to contact the World Curling Federation to find out more about the Olympic Celebration Tour and/or to apply to host a stop – [email protected]

To engage with the World Curling Federation on social media follow it on Twitter, Instagram (@worldcurling) and Facebook (/WorldCurlingFederation) and use #curling when posting.

New York, United States

24 October 2017