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Resolutions and recommendations for World Curling Congress

The World Curling Federation’s (WCF) 54 Member Associations (MA) will come together next week for the fifth WCF Congress and Annual General Assembly (AGA), in Stockholm, Sweden [from 7-10 September 2016].

As well as Executive Board elections, the possible introduction of new MAs and presentations from the Local Organising Committees of the 2018 and 2022 Olympic Winter Games, the headline topics are the resolutions for brushing and sweeping in elite curling and a proposal for a new ‘World Series of Curling’.

WCF President, Kate Caithness, said: “The 2015-2016 season was a challenging year for curling, but I have been particularly happy with the team-work and cooperation shown from our athletes and Member Associations to ensure positive outcomes.

“Our fifth World Curling Federation Congress will bring resolutions to some of the trials faced in the past 12 months and will allow us to introduce exciting new developments in our sport to our members.

“We are delighted to be hosted by the Swedish Curling Association for this year’s Congress as it celebrates its 100th anniversary. Thank you to the organisers for all their hard work.”

In the World Curling Federation’s pursuit to deliver world-class competitions across its disciplines, a concept for a ‘World Series of Curling’ will be presented to the members. This looks at ways to capitalize on and to increase the international exposure of curling after the 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

A series of recommendations on sweeping will also be put to the members for a vote – which have already been ratified by the WCF’s Executive Board, Athlete Commission and Competition and Rules Commission. The sweeping proposals recommend the standardisation of curling broom fabrics and stricter regulations on how brooms are used in competition.

In addition to this, Guyana and Mexico have applied to become conditional members of the World Curling Federation and two Executive Board elections will be held. Australia’s Hugh Millikin, vice president for the Pacific-Asia Zone, will stand uncontested seeking to retain his position, while current director Laura Lochanski of Canada will be up against Sweden’s Catherine Lindahl for the position of director.

During the week the WCF commissions will meet – Finance, Governance and Zonal (Americas, European and Pacific-Asia). These WCF Commissions work throughout the year to ensure a level playing field in the sport and to protect its athletes from, and keep them informed about, issues such as doping, match fixing and illegal betting.

The Annual General Assembly will be held on Saturday 10 September 2016, where all elections and voting will take place.

More news from the Congress and AGA will be posted on our website (www.worldcurling.org) and Twitter, Instagram (@WorldCurling) and Facebook (/WorldCurlingFederation) channels. When posting we’ll be using the hashtag, #curling.

Perth, Scotland

2 September 2016