World Curling Federation Semi Annual General Assembly – Key Decisions/announcements

World Curling Federation Member Associations have unanimously approved changes to the WCF’s Olympic Winter Games qualifying system. Members voted to create a two year point qualification period and the creation of a new Olympic Qualification event. The new system takes effect immediately, pending approval of the International Olympic Committee, ahead of the Sochi 2014 games. The new Olympic Qualification event will be staged in November 2013 and will be open to any eligible WCF Member Association who plays in the World Curling Championships in 2011.

Some of the other decisions and announcements made at the Semi Annual General Assembly of the World Curling Federation held during the Le Gruyere European Curling Championships 2010 in Champéry Switzerland include:

WCF President Kate Caithness has been nominated to the Olympic Programme Commission by the Association of International Olympic Winter Sports Federations (AIOWF). This appointment will be ratified by International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge in January 2011.

Note: The Olympic Programme Commission is responsible for reviewing and analysing the programme of sports, disciplines and events, as well as the number of athletes in each sport, for the Games of the Olympiad and the Olympic Winter Games.

Armenia and Romania were welcomed as the 47th and 48th member associations of the World Curling Federation.

2011 World Curling Freytag Awardee – Ray Kingsmith (Canada) Posthumously

The Award will be presented to the family of Ray Kingsmith. Kingsmith, a former president of the Canadian Curling Association (1984), who died in May 1988. His family will receive the award in recognition notably for the work he did in establishing curling as a demonstration sport at the Olympic Winter Games in Calgary in 1988.

Note: The World Curling Freytag Award is a tribute to the late Elmer Freytag of the US Curling Association, one of the founding members of the International Curling Federation (now WCF). It honours curlers for world-championship-level playing ability, sportsmanship, character and the achievement of extraordinary distinction; and/or builders, individuals who are honoured for distinguished service and major contributions to the development and advancement of international curling.

Royal Opening for Capital One World Women’s Curling Championship 2011 in Esbjerg, Denmark. The opening stone of the championship will be played by Crown Prince Frederik, the heir to the Danish throne. The opening ceremony and first games of the event will be staged in the evening of Friday 18th of March. The official dates of the event are now 18-27 March 2011.

Transsexuals Policy

The WCF has adopted and will abide by the IOC policy on transsexuals . IOC ruling (18/05/2004) ‘Transsexuals will be able to compete [at the Olympics] if they have had appropriate surgery and are legally recognized as members of their new sex.’

The next WCF General Assembly will take place on Friday 25th March 2011 in Esbjerg, Denmark at the time of the Capital One World Women’s Curling Championship 2011.

Champery, Switzerland

10 December 2010