Olympic Winter Games – MEN’S GOLD

Final standings:

Gold: Canada

Silver: Norway
Bronze: Switzerland

4. Sweden
5. Great Britain
6. Germany
7. France
8. China
9. Denmark
10. USA

Canada set a historic record on Saturday beating Norway 6-3 to take gold in the final of the men’s curling competition and becoming the only team ever to go undefeated in the Olympic Winter Games event.

On a personal level for Martin, it also makes up for the disappointment of taking silver in Salt Lake City in 2002 when he lost to Norway’s Pal Trulsen.

This time the Norwegians, skipped by Thomas Ulsrud, never looked like denying Martin. Canada went into the half-time break down 3-0, thanks to single steals in the fourth and fifth ends caused by Norwegian mistakes.

Norway closed the gap in the sixth, scoring two, but in the seventh, Martin executed a precise freeze onto a Norwegian stone in the four foot with his first shot. Ulrsud could not remove it and Martin was then able to draw for two and a 5-2 lead.

The teams swapped singles in the next two ends and then Canada ran Norway out of stones in the tenth for their historic victory.

Afterwards, Martin said, “Finally, the dream has come true. It’s taken a long time but all the hard work was worth it.

It’s been a lot of work to go one step higher on the podium and one of the first guys to give me a hug was Pal Trulsen [coach to Norway here] – he’s a friend of mine”.

Asked about how he felt as a gold medal winner, he added, “I can’t explain how it feels. It’s an amazing feeling, but I think it’ll get better and better as the day goes on”.

A disappointed Ulsrud said, “I’m a bit disappointed right now, but I’m going to be quite happy with silver.

A medal in the Olympics was our big goal but obviously when you’re in the final you always want to win, but I think we’ll take it. We’ll take it as a good experience. It was an amazing crowd and really loud. We really enjoyed it”.

13 April 2010